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  • Portachiavi Timoncino L’Avvocato
  • Portachiavi Timoncino L’Avvocato- retro con spazio per la personalizzazione
  • Portachiavi Timoncino con incisione personalizzata
  • Portachiavi Timoncino L’Avvocato -nella sua confezione
  • Portachiavi Timoncino con logo L’Avvocato inciso


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“ Timoncino” (tiny rudder) pays tribute to the great passion of Avvocato Agnelli for the ocean. It is not just a keyring, but a real piece of history!



material: 58 brass, uni 3.2 certified
Manufacturing process: Investment casting
Weight: 30grams
Size: 50mm
 Arms’ diameter: 3 mm
Total depth: 6 mm
Roughness: 3.2
Processing: Brushed burnishing effect
Customization option: personal initials can be engraved
Keyring: steel