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Pics of Gianni Agnelli & Co.

    The wristwatch on top of his cuff, the Brooks Brothers button-down shirts, the tie worn outside his pullover… these are some of the “extravagances” that…
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  • sports
    After Fiat, Juventus was his greatest love, then came Ferrari and his enthusiasm for yachts. In these pictures, we reveal Gianni Agnelli among the greatest…
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  • WORK
    A photo-gallery devised to remember Gianni Agnelli as an entrepreneur, the chairman of Fiat and of Confindustria and a leading exponent of the Italian establishment.
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    Kissinger, Jackie Kennedy, Federico Fellini, Prince Aga Khan and many more: they all loved the cultured, brilliant company of “l’Avvocato”, the leading light of high-society…
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    Family unity was always one of Gianni Agnelli’s buzzwords. But who were the people closest to Gianni Agnelli? These shots show us the most private…
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